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You always thought that you are missing this warmth, hardware sounding touch in your music productions?

We all know the old-established, expensive software giants Avid Pro Tools, Apple Logic, Steinberg Cubase, Cockos Reaper or Ableton Live. If you checked them out and think they are too slow for your workflow, not sounding good enough or you just not able to get your head around the manual, try BTV Solo! This program is called Best DJ Innovation‘ of 2012 by DJ Zone, and this is the world’s largest DJ magazine. For a reason!

A lot of videos around showing how great and easy this software is to use and to integrate in your hardware.

BTV solo is a really astonishing beat and music maker software created by the creator of Beat Thang. I recommend u to watch this BTV Solo Review before you think about purchasing the software. For some people it might be the holy grail of music production. Others just like to have some alternative for Logic, FL-Studio or Cubase. You have build in drum samples, effect rack with over 60 studio effects and much more, all in highest quality available.

Making beats does look easy in this videos so I have to try it myself.

Bought it, installed it, …..loving it. It is faster than Logic, more straight forward than Pro Tools and it looks much better than Cubase 😉


I recommend trying it in your own studio or home studio. It is worth any cent as it keeps you busy with the music, not the program itself!



Kainer Weissmann
Kainer Weissmann
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