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In this modern and fast Internet world full of opportunities where new talents and ideas coming up every day, having a beautiful and user-friendly webpage is important. But as you might know not everyone can be a HTML specialist or CSS professional, since it requires a big amount of time and practice, to get the experience to produce a perfect website that works for you or your business.

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They spring up like mushrooms out of the ground …

Provider of PSD to HTML offers. Send us your Photoshop mockup and we will make it a professional website.

Specialists. They have their prices. CSS, HTML, PHP, PS, Illustrator, etc. That’s what you need to know.

To program a good professional webpage, you should know some basic steps. Individually created designs are usually preferable to the mass of commercial themes. We want individuality. The first design in Photoshop, Gimp or Illustrator is done. Great. Now what?

Usually there are 5 steps to the finished site:

  • 1 Design / look
  • 2 Basics / planning / scaffolding
  • 3 Photoshop / Illustrator / Gimp
  • 4 Convert, Design -> HTML (slicing)
  • 5 HTML Code / Testing

I started doing it the easy and direct way, with Artmov PSD to HTML where I learned to transform a design from a .psd file into a functional HTML/CSS file in an hour and could finish my whole design in a day!


Kainer Weissmann
Kainer Weissmann
Kainer Weissmann, Webentwicklung/Onlinemarketing, Audio-Engineer, Kryptowährungen und Support. Privat Fan von gutem Sound, Essen, Filme & Kampfkunst. Finde mich auf Twitter oder schreibe mir für Anfragen zu Bitcoin oder Webdesign.

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